Artrageous Desserts Blog #2

Posted on: April 1, 2016

Can you believe today is April 1, 2016?! Were you fooled today? Not only was I not fooled, I completely forgot to get someone else. There's always next year. Personally, any day can be an April Fool's Day.

A question I've heard over the years: Why do my cookies come out so flat? One of the easiest questions to answer. Do not over mix.

When mixing your butter, margarine, or shortening with sugar, some recipes call for you to mix until light but don't over do it. Once you start adding your eggs, be sure to scrape the bowl. This will help the eggs to blend in faster without mixing too long. When flour is added, mix only long enough until the flour is incorporated and stop. This should solve the problem. Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask.

One factor to be aware of when using fats: You can not replace a solid fat with liquid oil. Butter is, in my opinion, much better for you because it is a natural product. When substituting margarine, use only solid sticks, not tubs. Now we come to shortening. You may or may not be aware that shortenings sold in your grocery store are trans fat free. 

Have you wondered why your icing or other baked goods don't come out the way they used to a few years ago? Trans fat free shortening is the most popular reason. It has come a long way but still has a long way to go to produce the same product as non trans fat free.

 Some customers call and ask if I use only non trans fat free products. While I would like to say yes, until things improve, we, all bakers, hope for improvement before it's mandatory.  Until then, I will continue to use butter when ever possible because everything tastes better with butter.